Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission
The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission (ASCC) is a health related agency of the state of Arkansas, established by Act 311 of 1975 and administered in accordance with Arkansas Code Annotated (ACA ) 20-8-201 – 206. The ASCC's mission is to administer a statewide program to identify and meet the unique and lifelong needs of people with spinal cord disabilities in Arkansas; the ASCC's purpose is to assist Arkansans with spinal cord disabilities in living as independently as they choose.

Arkansas Career Training Institute

A program of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services within the Arkansas Department of Career Education

Arkansas Career Training Institute (ACTI) provides vocational training and services that lead to employment opportunities for students served by Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS).  Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, ACTI is one of only eight comprehensive rehabilitation centers in the United States.

Arkansas Department of Human Services' Division of Aging and Adult Services

The mission of the Division of Aging and Adult Services is to promote the health, safety, and independence of older Arkansans and adults with physical disabilities. 

A 24/7 resource to serve patients with a Spinal Cord Injury or a Traumatic Brain injury and their providers in Arkansas. Telemedicine appointments for Arkansans living with Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury can also be made by contacting the call center. The call center assists Arkansans via Telemedicine Consultations, Provider Education, Emergency Department Services.

iCan Arkansas

iCAN is the Arkansas statewide Assistive Technology program designed to make technology available and accessible for everyone who needs it.  Assistive technology (AT) is any kind of device or tool that helps people live, learn, work, and communicate more independently.  AT can be very simple and inexpensive, like a modified knife and fork, or it can be very sophisticated and costly, like a computerized speech device.


InvoTek is an R&D company that provides innovative products and services to improve independence, computer access, and communication for people who find it difficult or impossible to use their hands.

Be Extraordinary

Be Extraordinary's mission is to enable people who cannot use their hands to achieve their life goals. A goal can be large like starting a business, or small like independently reading or using a telephone. 

Alternative Financing Program

A program of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services within the Arkansas Department of Career Education

The Alternative Financing Program (AFP) is a resource designed to assist Arkansans with disabilities in obtaining assistive technology equipment and services designed to improve or maintain independence, to better quality of life, and/or assist in becoming more productive members of the community.

Accessibility Specialties, Inc.

Accessibility Specialties, Inc. installs wheelchair lifts and other adaptive equipment for the disabled, providing installation in individual and commercial vehicles, individual residences, and public and commercial locations. They also have wheelchair accessible rental vans and sell new and used

conversion vans. 

AMS Vans 

Offers van conversions, wheelchair accessible van rentals, opportunities to sell minivans or accessible vehicles direct through online classifieds, mobility equipment sales plus installation, and adapted or unmodified trade ins.

Presidential Conversions

Presidential Conversions sells conversion minivans, full size vans, and other adaptive equipment. They have three locations in Arkansas, including North Little Rock, Jonesboro, and their original store in Fayetteville.  

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

A Division of Arkansas Department of Career Education

To achieve its mission of preparing Arkansans with disabilities to work and lead productive and independent lives, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) provides a variety of training and career preparation programs.
Services include career and technical education and training, transition from school to work or postsecondary education, on-the-job training, and ancillary support services that clients may need for successful employment. Visit the website for all the opportunities this program offers.

Wheelchair Getaways Accessible Van Rental-Little Rock

Wheelchair Getaways partners with Accessibility Specialty, Inc. (ASI) at 1920 John Barrow Rd. in the heart of Little Rock in offering accessible van rentals throughout the Little Rock Area. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible, with either raised roofs or lowered floors and automatic ramps or lifts. Rental vans are available by the day, week, month, or longer, insuring 24-hour transportation for all your needs. Provides pick-up and delivery of vehicles and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Wheelchair Getaways Accessible Van Rental-Fayetteville

Wheelchair Getaways of Fayetteville, Arkansas provides accessible van rentals throughout the Fayetteville Area. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible, with either raised roofs or lowered floors and automatic ramps or lifts. Rental vans are available by the day, week, month, or longer, insuring 24-hour transportation for all your needs. Provides pick-up and delivery of vehicles and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Workers with Disabilities Medicaid

You must be at least 16 and less than 65 years of age. You must also have a significant disability expected to last at least 12 months or to result in death. Eligibility is determined using Social Security Disability guidelines. Unlike receiving Social Security benefits, you may work full-time and earn more than what is allowed under Social Security benefit guidelines (SGA limit).

National Resources

Access & Mobility Finance Inc.
Access & Mobility Finance Inc. (AMF)provides financing for wheelchair accessible vehicles and other types of specialized mobility equipment. 

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation’s funding is dedicated to supporting both programs and scientific research to improve the quality of life for those affected by and living with spinal cord injury.

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

The Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

Kelly Brush Foundation

The Kelly Brush Foundation (KBF) is dedicated to making active lifestyles a reality for those who have experienced a spinal cord injury. They provide grants to enable anyone to buy the equipment they need to get out and go. But the KBF funds more that just recreation, because when you’re out there on the hill, road or trail, as your heart rate rises and you feel the wind on your face, disability fades away. An active lifestyle forges connections with others — both new friends and old, in and out of a chair.

United Spinal Association

The United Spinal Association is a national 501(c) (3) nonprofit membership organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D), and providing support and information to loved ones, care providers and professionals.

Arkansas Resources

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